Personal Development and Training Division

Personal Development and Training Division

Continuous personal development is the life line of every executive’s success. As an executive coach and mentor, we walk with you through your executive journey, providing that much needed feedback to enable you clarify your personal needs and goals. Through mentoring and coaching, we bring alternative insight and perspective, we as ask questions, that help you to reflect and introspect to find answers to existing concerns and challenges and facilitate personal and professional growth.

Many companies, the world over have now embraced the concept of diversity in senior executive and board positions. Despite all the efforts and initiatives to enhance women participation at such senior levels, studies show that women form only 4.6% of CEOs in Fortune 500 companies and 16.6% of corporate positions. Our female executive development program is tailor made to address specific challenges that confront female executives to enhance skills and competencies to be effective and successful in their roles. We confront those core beliefs and attitudes that sabotage the contribution female executives in the boardroom

Any individual seeking to grow in their career needs a personal brand. Our personal branding program helps you identify and define who are and what you represent and design how to effectively position yourself and live a sustainable footprint in the marketplace

We offer unique tailor made approach to leadership development, aimed at achieving that much needed sustainable transformation in corporate and government leadership. Our flagship “Leadership in Action” helps you to explore and understand who you are, what your purpose in life and how to reposition yourself to achieve that purpose. We also partner with GAIA Insights to design and deploy highly engaging learning experiences that cater to the aspirations and expectations of next generation of leaders.

Our sales development approach is deviation from the traditional sales  approach. Our “Need Satisfaction Selling “technique, is based on behavioural approach and is aimed at helping the sale people identify the needs of their current and potential clients and position their product offerings to the identify needs. You sales team will  be able to build a loyal client base that will keep coming back for more. We also have sales manager development program, which builds the skills I sales managers to recruit, train, coach and develop a high performing sales team.

This program is aimed at unleashing leadership potential among school children, high school, colleges and universities. Our young people form the leadership  pipeline for tomorrow’s leaders. This program aims at inculcating the right mental attitude and appropriate behaviours that will help them succeed in life

We offer conference speaking services in areas of leadership, corporate governance, personal awareness, financial investment and general motivation

Flagship programs we run with our Partners Gaia-Insights

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Rachel accomplished trainer. We had the opportunity to have her train our sales team. This tremendously improved their negotiation skills, communication abilities and commercial demeanour.

Robert Kerama

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