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Management Development Services

Continuous management development is very important for organizational success. Organizations need a rich supply of carefully selected managers, who are equipped through comprehensive and continuous training and development for future growth and sustainability of the organization. Successful organizations need managers with a good balance of management and leadership abilities. The ever changing environmental forces together with the effect of globalization has further compounded the need for skilled and competent managers. An organization is as strong as its leaders, therefore investment in leadership training and development is a fundamental requirement for any organization that wants to move from good to great. Our management development program is designed to impart knowledge and further translate this knowledge into skills with the ultimate aim of positively changing managerial behavior

Management Today – we help companies assess their skills and choose a new direction which utilizes the talents of the team and resources most productively.

Every business experiences different challenges as they move along the different stages and seasons of the business cycle. Changes in the environmental factors also impact positively or negatively in organizations.

Work with our clients to diagnose business challenges and help them develop appropriate strategies, processes, systems and structures that guarantee long term sustainability and success. These include:

  • Organizational diagnosis
  • Organizational restructuring and redesign
  • Organizational strategic planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation
  • Management of Organizational change and transformation

An Organization is as strong as its leadership bench strength. Our leadership Development approach is not the usual “hit and run”, where an organization takes its leaders for a 3-5 days training workshop, after which they go back to their work places and continue doing what they have always done. Our leadership development approach is based on well researched and documented behavioral change theories and involve:

  • Psychometric tests and assessments to determine one’s preferred behaviors and team dynamics
  • Conducting the leadership audit to determine the individual and team leadership gaps
  • Jointly with the client design a multifaceted intervention, which includes skills development workshops, back in the workplace reinforcement, individual and group follow up coaching and mentoring sessions, while continually monitoring and evaluating the development process

Our management development program is delivered at 6 levels, which include:

Level “O” : Employee development

Level 1      : Supervisor development

Level 2      : Middle level manager development

Level 3      : Senior manager development

Level 4      : Executive development

Level 5      : Board level development.

These include:

  • Corporate Governance audits and reporting
  • Corporate governance design and structure
  • Board training and development
  • Board advisory and support
  • Board effectiveness
  • Strategies of managing board dynamics

This includes: Developing a high performing sales team

  • Sales team structure and design
  • Sales team training
  • Sales Management training, coaching and development

Sales team coaching and mentoring

In this program we work with our clients to become a customer focused organization. We help them align their strategies, policies, procedures, people and systems to enable them enhance the customer experience of their existing and potential customers.

  • Designing and implementing corporate diversity strategy
  • Diversity audits and reporting
  • Diversity training
  • Gender mainstreaming

We undertake conference speaking engagement in the following topics among others:

  • General motivation
  • Organizational Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Personal development
  • Personal Finance and Investment
  • Women and leadership
  • Corporate governance
  • Change Management
  • Preparing for retirement

Flagship programs we run with our Partners Gaia-Insights

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Rachel accomplished trainer. We had the opportunity to have her train our sales team. This tremendously improved their negotiation skills, communication abilities and commercial demeanour.

Robert Kerama

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