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Management Today

Management Today is a consulting organization registered in Kenya and has been in operation for over 15 years. It initially started off by offering management skills development mainly through board games in partnership with “Business Today South Africa”. It has since evolved its product offerings to include, Management Consulting,  Executive Coaching and Development and Leadership training, under the flagship brand “Leadership in Action”

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Our Core Values
What we stand for

We work closely with our clients to design, develop and execute tailor-made programs that meet our client’s needs. Our engagement with our clients is embedded in the following 5 core values:

1. Integrity 100%
2. Professionalism 100%
3. Excellence 100%
4. Sustainability 100%
5. Partnership 100%


We have a wide range of products customized to to suit the needs of individuals or group. We do not have a one-size fit all products because we believe that organizations are different, hence the needs and approach to each organization or group is unique. For each assignment, we conduct an in depth needs analysis and design programs that meet the unique needs of the individual or organization.

Personal Development and Training Division

  1. Executive coaching and mentoring
  2. Female Executive Development program
  3. Personal Branding
  4. Conference speaking
  5. Leadership Training and Development
  6. Sales Team Training and Development
  7. Young leaders mentorship program
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Management Consulting Division

  1. Organizational Consulting and Advisory services
  2. Corporate Governance consulting
  3. Corporate Strategy Development Execution
  4. Diversity Management, Gender Training and Consulting services
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Human Resources Consulting and Advisory Division

  1. Human Resources Consulting
  2. Executive Talent Acquisition and Management
  3. Organizational Change and Development consulting
  4. Remuneration Management Consulting-Salary Surveys, Job evaluation
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Financial Investment Division

  1. Financial Investment Training and Advisory services
  2. Research and Statistical Analysis Services
  3. Macro-Economic/National Accounts Consulting and Advisory services
  4. National Policy design, Analysis and Implementation
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